We produce non-foldable Junior, Olympic, floor, mobile and professional trampolines for amusement parks, shopping malls, camping areas and personal areas. Our experienced team designs and produces by always considering children’s health in the selection of raw materials. It is an indispensable area of pleasure for our children. It appeals to all ages, young and old. Trampolines, which come in rectangular, square and round varieties, are manufactured for different age groups. Trampolines can be made according to special sizes.

Jumping movement consists of rhythmic movements of our body up and down. This exercise makes us feel good. One of the parts of our body with the most touch-sensitive cells is our feet, especially our soles. These stimuli are activated when we jump on the trampoline. Since the stimuli enable us to stay vigorous and have a feeling of well-being, our body is active but we remain very calm.

Jumping on the trampoline; It is the only way to activate each of our cells, which are approximately 75 trillion in our body.

As a result of the work and exercise we do, even on a small and low trampoline, the cells expand and become more efficient. With jumping, acceleration and deceleration occur in the body, which causes the pressure in the body to increase and decrease. The increasing and decreasing pressure difference creates a weight that stimulates and strengthens the cell membranes.

This weight creates a natural massage effect applied to the cells. Therefore, the flow in the stimulated cells will accelerate and the blockages will be removed by opening the blood vessels. As a result, starting from the cellular level, our body will gain health, cleanse and become stronger. Jump and find health….,


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