Playing games is an activity that enables children to get to know life and learn through play by creating their own experiences. Play has an undeniable importance in children”s lives. While playing, children express their feelings and needs and gain the ability to solve many problems on their own.

Our company provides the production and supply of games and toys that offer health and safety at the same time in order to meet these very important activities of children to some extent. After running the trampoline business for the first time in 2003, we also started its production in line with the demands.

Considering all the experience we have gained during our time as the owner of the business, we have expanded the product range we produce and aimed to deliver smooth, solid and safe products to you with trampoline, game pool (ball pool), soft play products. Achieving this goal has opened up completely different horizons for us and we continue to add innovations to our production line.

The positive reactions from the businesses we have established in Turkey and all over the world have added excitement to our excitement, and brought with it our bond with our business and the belief that we are on the right path. We would like to thank all our customers who trust us for choosing us.

                                                                                    TOYSMAR PLAYGROUND-If the kids laugh, the world laughs.

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