Bungee Trampoline 2 Person Round Model 305 Galvanized



      • Bungee trampolines  are produced in desired dimensions.

      Product features:

      • Our products are CE certified and manufactured according to TS EN-1176-1 standards.
      • The main body is made of 50x 100 x 2.5 mm, the poles are made of 89×2.5 mm galvanized steel material.
      • In our products, 1-2 mm imported jumping net is used. The height of the jump nets from the ground is 70 cm. The carrying capacity of each jumping net is 150 kg.
      • 3-3.2 mm thick steel tension springs, which are produced with reference to DIN2097 norms, are used to resist tensile force and create reverse force.
      • It is resistant to use in open areas, UV rays, rain and humidity.
      • 8-10 mm steel ropes with a pulling capacity of 250 kg are used.
      • In our products, 210 cm x 10 mm domestic or 190 cm x 12-14 mm imported tires are used, which are produced with textile braids upon request. Domestic tires lengthen by 1 to 3.5, and imported tires by 1 to 7.
      • The carrying capacity of our special production lift”s stretches is 1250 kg.
      • The round trampolines used are 250-350 cm in diameter, they are very easy to transport, disassemble, store and assemble. The body of the trampoline is galvanized and resistant to impacts and corrosion.
      • Swivel pulleys with high load carrying capacity are used and prevent the traction ropes from getting stuck and wearing.
      • Belts are produced in a structure that will provide the user”s sense of comfort and confidence.
      • Motors with a pulling capacity of 500 kg were used.
      • All complementary products used in manufacturing are CE certified.
      • Our products are under the guarantee of Toysmar. It is guaranteed for 2 years.
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      • It is forbidden to use the Bungee Trampoline in windy, snowy and stormy weather.
      • Store the Bungee Trampoline in windy, snowy and stormy weather or remove the product.
      • Our company is not responsible for any negativity that may occur if the rules in the instruction are not followed.


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