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Sandpit Playgrounds: A New Phenomenon in Playgrounds

Sandpits have become one of the new phenomenal play areas installed in shopping malls, playrooms, and children”s entertainment centers.

Our sandpit playground park is manufactured with a durable, high-quality, and safe structure that is resistant to all weather conditions. It has all the necessary certificates and is very important for children”s development.

Calcium Sand, which is known all over the world and supports children”s development, is used as the basic material in our sandpit playground concept, which turns imagination into fun.

The sand used in the sandpit playground area offers children the best of play, education, entertainment, and orthopedic health.

The period between the ages of 2 and 8 is when children”s emotional and intellectual development is at the forefront. In our areas, which are designed to support children”s learning and development, children can explore themselves even further by playing with sand and touching it.

There is an area in sand games where children can express themselves freely. Children feel free with sand games.

Since sand is played with without anyone”s direction or guidance, children produce on their own and develop cognitively. They use their imagination in the best way possible.

Activities such as listening to the sound of flowing sand, playing with different materials in the area, filling and emptying them, hitting them, and listening to the sounds they make while transferring them from one container to another appeal to the child”s senses. This contributes to the child”s brain and physical development.

Sand is a very important material in child therapy. Pedagogues also recommend playing with Calcium Sand to diagnose and treat children”s emotional problems.

While playing with sand, children develop their perceptions of the different physical properties of materials. Their vocabulary develops. It enhances their mathematical thinking sense. They observe the cause-and-effect relationship.

A sandpit is a playground designed for children to play in and filled with sand. Sandpit is one of the enjoyable games that will carry children”s personal development, touching, and learning process to the upper limits.

Sand play areas and sandpit courses are manufactured with an outer frame glass or softplay panel, as desired. Sandpits, which are enriched with plastic playground equipment by using special baked non-stick and dust-free sand, have become courses where children can play for long periods without getting bored.

“We produce sandpit playground project designs according to your desired size, shape, and richness, depending on the space and your taste. You can change the project content as you wish according to your budget.”

The Garden Sandpits, Sandpits for Kindergartens, Sandpits for Children”s Parks, and Sandpits for Children”s Games we manufacture are under the Toysmar quality and guarantee.

Some additional features of our sandpit playgrounds:

  • Different themes: Our sandpit playgrounds can be customized with different themes, such as a beach, a desert, or a construction site.
  • Water features: Some sandpit playgrounds include water features, such as a water table or a small pool.
  • Climbing structures: Climbing structures can be added to sandpit playgrounds to provide children with additional challenges and opportunities for physical activity.
  • Shade: It is important to provide shade for sandpit playgrounds to protect children from the sun.

Sandpit playgrounds are a great way for children to have fun and learn. They provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore their senses, develop their creativity, and socialize with each other.


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