Soft Play Playground Honeycomb Obstacle Park



    • Ball pool soft play playground  are special projects made in the size, shape and richness you want according to the place and your taste.
    • You can choose the equipment to be used in the playground yourself. Equipped with many toy models, the soft play playground can be manufactured in special sizes. There are plastic playground equipment, ball pools, trampolines, soft play toys, electronic playgrounds, education corners, inflatable playgrounds, plastic slides, sponge play blocks, animal figured carousels, climbing stairs, etc. in the park that will appeal to children of all ages. can be done.
    • Pricing will vary depending on the game groups in it.

    Product features:

    • Our products are CE certified and manufactured according to TS EN-1176-1 standards.
    • Steel construction is produced from 40 x 40 painted profile and covered with sponge and PVC.
    • 1100 denier 650 gr protective PVC material is used in the coatings.
    • The safety nets used are UV added and produced using a knitting system to prevent harm to children.
    • All complementary products used in manufacturing are CE certified.
    • Special production is made in desired colors and sizes.
    • Our products are under the guarantee of Toysmar.
    • Our products are guaranteed for 2 years.
    • Toysmar Playgrounds,  ball pool soft play playground , ball pool playground, ball pools, indoor playground, playground, soft play park production.


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