Trampoline Park Type 255



Product Information:

  •  Trampoline Park makes you lose weight proportionally by working the whole body thanks to its variety of movements.

Product features:

  • Our products are CE certified and manufactured according to TS EN-1176-1 standards.
  • The main body is 50 x 100 x 2,5 mm, the poles are made of 40x40x2 mm steel construction painted profile and covered with sponge and PVC.
  • Protection cushions are made of 28 dens hard sponge and covered with PVC.
  • 1100 denier 650 gr protective PVC material is used in the coatings.
  • The safety nets used are UV-added and the mesh spacing is 3-4 cm. The nets, which are resistant to external weather conditions and sun rays, are produced using a knitting system in order not to harm children.
  • Knitted jumping net or imported jumping net is used in our products upon request. The mesh spacing of imported jumping nets is 1-2 mm, and the mesh spacing of knitted jumping nets knitted from 42-48 light fiber yarn is 6-8 mm. The height of the jump nets from the ground is 100 cm. The carrying capacity of each jumping net is 300 kg.
  • 3-3.2 mm thick steel tension springs, which are produced with reference to DIN2097 norms, are used to resist tensile force and create reverse force.
  • The product is a fully modular plug-in system. The trampoline main body turns into a complete material after the connections are made in a modular way. Connection parts are used in the main body.
  • All complementary products used in manufacturing are CE certified.
  • Special production is made in desired colors and sizes.
  • Our products are under the guarantee of Toysmar. It is guaranteed for 2 years.
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